International Students

International Students

If you are applying from out of the country the deadline for submitting your application and all other required documents is:

  • Fall Semester: July 1st
  • Spring Semester: December 1st
  • Any applications not received by the deadline will be moved to the next available Fall or Spring semester

If you are on a current visa and residing in the United States, please contact to see if we can process your application for the upcoming semester.

Interested in attending YCCC as an International Student? Follow these steps:

  • 完成你的 FREE YCCC College Application
  • All international high school and college transcripts must be professionally translated and emailed to (We recommend using 韦斯.org.)
  • Proof of English Proficiency
    • We accept TOEFL scores of 71 (internet-based), 197 (computer-based), or 530 (paper-based) These scores should be emailed to Students who are transferring from a US college or high school may be waived from the TOEFL requirement if they have successfully completed English coursework in the English language. (For information on how to take the test, visit the Educational Testing Services TOEFL website.)
    • 我们接受 Duolingo English Test with a minimum score of 115. The test is taken via a computer with a camera and includes a proficiency score, 视频面试, and writing samples which are shared with York County Community College when you send your results. Certified results are available within 48 hours of test session.  点击这里 for information on submitting your official DET score to YCCC.
  • All international student applicants must complete a one-on-one interview via Zoom or in-person with a YCCC 招生 Representative. 

Once these things are in place, YCCC can issue a 1-20 that will allow students to apply for a student VISA to come to the US.

  • Students who are already in the USA with an existing I-20 need to transfer their I-20 to YCCC using the I-20 Transfer Document that their current college can complete. We will take this document along with their Declaration of Finances to make updates to shift their I-20 to YCCC.

You can submit your documents in a variety of ways:

  • 电子:
    • 传真:207.216.4409
    • Mailed: York County Community College
      Attention: 招生 Department
      Wells, ME 04090

What happens next?

Once we receive all your documents and you have been accepted, we will prepare your student I-20 form. You will need to apply for your student visa to be able to study in the United States.

Keep in mind that while attending YCCC with an F-1 you:

  • Need to maintain full-time status, which is 12 credits or more per semester. All courses must be in-person on campus.

Additional Resources for International Students

Browse the information below for information that may be helpful for studying abroad:


Wells, ME 04090
(207) 216-4409


We make applying simple because it should be.