经验学分 & 之前的学习


生肖买马网站承认评估先前学习的几种途径, 其中包括在传统课堂环境中无法获得的知识,如工作和志愿者经验, 军事训练, 研讨会, professional certifications, 等. We encourage our students to explore all of the options available to them. 在之前的学习中寻求学分的学生必须被正式录取(入学)进入学位课程,并且必须达到最低的课程居住要求,才能在YCCC获得学位.

事先学习学分的要求应在录取过程中或之后不久提出, for consideration in degree planning. The final decision regarding acceptance of all prior learning credits rests with YCCC.


学生可以通过各种形式的先前学习(转学分和铰接学分)的组合获得毕业所需总学分的75%, 投资组合, CLEP信贷, 美联社信贷, 王牌信贷, 等.在入学前获得的学习学分不计入学术居住要求. 所有学生必须直接通过YCCC完成至少25%的课程学分. Although credits earned through prior learning will count toward degree requirements, 获得的任何成绩和/或学分不包括在计算平均成绩点(GPA)中。.

Credit for Prior 课程

YCCC接受在其他地区认可的高等教育机构修读的课程所获得的学分, provided the grade is a “C” or better (a “C-“ will not transfer). 只需要求将原申请学院/大学的正式成绩单直接寄至:

York County Community College
Wells, ME 04090
电话/传真: (207) 216-4409
电子邮件: admissions@shtengjin.com
一旦收到, 你可能会被要求获得一份大学目录或官方课程描述的副本,以帮助确定学分. 从其他院校转来的课程不会用于计算学生的平均绩点(GPA)。.

Credit for Certifications

YCCC recognizes several certifications based on state or national standards. 后 acceptance into a certificate or degree program, 您可以通过向您的指导老师提供有效证书的副本或致电/发短信(207)216- 4401或发电子邮件来申请先前的学习学分 records@shtengjin.com


  • Adobe Certified Expert for Illustrator
  • Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop
  • Autodesk Certified User Credential
  • Child Development Associate
  • Certified Early Childhood Assistant
  • Certified SolidWorks Associate
  • CISCO Certifications: CCENT Certification; CCNA Certification; Networking Discovery Program-Modules I and II
  • CompTIA Certifications: Net+ Certification; A+ Certification; 安全+ Certification
  • EMT Basic – Emergency Medical Technician
  • Firefighter I and II Certification
  • ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification
  • Maine Criminal Justice Academy: Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP); Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training; Basic Corrections Training Program
  • Maine Roads to Quality: Infant Toddler Credential
  • MHRT-I: Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician-I
  • ServSafe – Food Handler Certification

大学根据当前美国教育委员会(王牌)的建议授予考试学分. An official transcript from the testing organization must be sent to the college. The following list includes the exams and scoring information:

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

在参加AP考试的高中完成一年的AP课程后参加AP考试. For credit consideration, a 最低3分 是必需的. For information about AP programs, ask your guidance counselor or visit the College Board’s AP webpage.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP exams are administered by the College Board. They currently offer 33 subject exams at testing locations throughout the country, including several in our area. 参观学院 Board online 了解更多信息. 大量的 50或以上 are accepted for credit at YCCC.


国家认可的DSST计划可以帮助您获得大学学分,通过一套的传统课堂之外的学习 30余门考试 in a variety of college subject areas. YCCC遵循美国教育委员会大学学分推荐服务(王牌 Credit)授予学分的指导方针. Locate a testing center in your area at GetCollegeCredit’s website.

Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS)

杨百翰大学(BYU)提供测试服务,以衡量多种外语的熟练程度. 这些考试旨在结合语言课程的前三个学期来评估学生的能力, providing students the opportunity to earn up to 12 credits. Exams are graded pass/fail. Learn how to arrange an online exams at 杨百翰大学的FLATS网页.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

国际文凭组织是一个非营利性教育基金会,与世界各地的学校和教育工作者合作. They offer higher level exams to secondary students that are similar to AP exams. 我们需要一个 最低5分 to be considered for credit at YCCC. No credit will be awarded for standard level exams. 参观 International Baccalaureate website 了解更多信息.


YCCC通过档案评估提供先前的学习评估,以奖励在典型大学环境之外获得的学习的潜在学术学分. Students may receive credit for verifiable learning, but not for experience alone. 学生必须拿出证据,证明他们的学习与大学水平的学习是相当的, 符合官方课程大纲所订明的YCCC认可课程的学习目标. Based on content and presentation criteria being met at a “C” level or better, the credit is transcripted as “Pass”. Students can request credit through 投资组合 evaluation. Students must be in a degree program and have completed at least 6 credits, including ENG101 College Composition. 学生可以通过他们的指导老师或YCCC注册团队的成员开始这个过程.

Credit by Articulation Agreement

YCCC与几所地区中学合作,为在这些环境中获得的能力提供学分. Most agreements are reviewed and updated every two years, and sometimes sooner due to program changes. 学分奖励将基于与您完成参与项目的年份相对应的协议.

Credit for Other Training/Programs

Registered Apprenticeship Programs

YCCC认可学生对各种行业和技术职业的熟练程度,如果学生完成了正式的注册学徒计划,并希望获得贸易AAS & 技术职业. 为学徒计划寻求先前学习学分的学生必须提供证明成功完成的文件, i.e. certificate or completion letter.

YCCC is a College Member of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium (RACC).


完成由美国教育委员会(American Council on Education)评估的任何培训项目的学生(王牌)可以提交课程结业证书或考试成绩,并根据公布的建议获得大学学分 王牌 CREDIT’s National Guide. Students must be matriculated into a degree program to request credit. When credits are awarded, 它们将作为先前学习学分出现在YCCC成绩单上,而不是用于计算学生的平均绩点(GPA)。.


If you have served in the military, you may be eligible to receive credit for your experience and training. 美国教育委员会(王牌)军事评估项目由国防部(DoD)资助,并通过 唐太斯. You can search for courses offered by all branches of the military in the 王牌军事指南. 王牌 recommendations for credits typically fulfill your open elective credits at YCCC.

YCCC Community Education & Career Training Programs

YCCC的 Department of 劳动力培训 and 专业 Developmental 提供培训,可以转化为大学学分的学生寻求继续他们的教育,获得学分证书或副学士学位. For a list of current articulation agreements, visit our 经验学分 & 之前的学习  page.


Wells, ME 04090
(207) 216-4409


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